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2 August 1969
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I am Jeffery C McLean
I am credited with things I want to forget,
Programming: perl, C and C++
Fan of: Science Fiction and Anime.
Political: Whatever
Religion: Wicca
Operating system: Whatever gets the job done. I use Linux and Windows and plan to get a Mac

About me: Well I'm evil.
Wait not that kind of evil. Not what your thinking. I'm not EMO, Slashing my wrists isn't my idea of a fun time activity.
I'm not much of a pervert. I mean I'll read porn but my idea of sex involves love and tenderness not whips or the typical porno "pizza guy" stick.
So what exactly DO I mean?

Quite a few people have nothing but bad things to say of:
Wiccans, Republicans, Libertarians, Conservative leaning types, Linux users, Perverts and people who befriend perverts.

I'm all those things. In some narrow minded prospective that makes me evil.
If I were to label myself I'd say I'm Punk or goth but those labels really don't fit me well.
I mean punks don't give a care about anything. Goths are well laughing at your grave.
That isn't my style. I think it's a good prospective to have. I mean life - You never get out of it alive and never let the bastards get you down. It's cool. I'm all for that.

I am NOT open minded. I like perverts. It's not the same thing. If I was really open minded I WOULDN'T CALL THEM PERVERTS and I wouldn't say I'm evil.

You'll find I'm strange. If you like walking around in the nude I'll visit, have a chat but expect me to also be looking away or closing my eyes a lot. It's not your nude body I'm interested in. It's the lack of shame of the nude form that I like.
I've always been blunt and will always be blunt.

Microsoft Windows sucks. The Apple Mac is the only user friendly OS on the market but the hardware is crap. Linux gets the job done better than anything else but it's complex.

I hate censorship. I mean you have jerks who run around trying to eliminate pedophilia for example and that's good but then they go after anyone who talks about pedophilia as if censoring a discussion is going to protect kids.

I mean seriously you go after anyone who talks about pedophilia then you gotta go after people that stop pedophiles eventually even yourself.
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