felinoid (felinoid) wrote,

The LGBTQ community is a fraud

Let me start because so many people refer to LGBTQ as being gay and shit and I know this person dose not know shit.
Being gay, lesbian, bi, trans or queer dose not make you part of the LGBTQ.
Milo Yiannopoulos is not part of the LGBTQ. He is gay. He dose not support the advocacy for gay rights. He talks shit about lesbians & trans.

On the other hand Steve Shives is a hetrosexual man who fights for LGBTQ rights this means he is part of the LGBTQ community.
In short it's the community that fights for rights. The term is used collectively to refer to a number of groups. However if you are not part of all those groups (hint, no you aren't) you are not an LGBTQ. The idea is to fight for all of them at once. If you are fighting for gay rights at exclusion of lesbian rights you aren't LGBTQ.

So the term is to be used in refrence to the rights of all the groups who are represented in that alphabet soup.

The idea is good. In practice it was great at first. Now it seems they forgot what they are fighting for.

OK the LGBTQ is fight for equal pay. Equal pay alreasy exists in law.
"However that dose not prevent companies from breaking the law"

Very true... THAT is where the LGBTQ community steps in. If women are being paid less then it's up to people like Steve Shives to collect evidence and contact athorties.

They don't.

Instead they pretend it's normal practice and push for the laws we already have.

Also they find the mens rights activists actually do contact athorties. "Male privilage" is nothing more than the MRA actually doing what is needed.
When gay men can expect more support from MRA than the LGBTQ there is something wrong.

The pink tax. Use the male counterpart it's not even really nessisary to use the female counterpart. Usuaully the women's version is just the mens version using pink materials that are more expensive than the male counterpart because it's more expensive to make it pink.
Instead of demanding companies increase the price of the male version so everyone is paying the same price suggest women use the male verson and market it as unisex.

"The best a person can get"

Lastly, what is the LGBTQ community doing about homosexual teens being kidnapped by parents and shipped over seas to a camp that forces them to become hetrosexual?

Part of the community is putting out the message (Otherwise I wouldn't know this was happening) however that is all I hear on the subject. I'm sure some people are pushing solutions however it seems the LGBTQ community at large isn't. Don't go passing the buck "well the MRA aren't doing anything" remember the MRA are for mens rights not gay righst anytime they do anything on gay rights reflects bad on the LGBTQ as it means people can't turn to the actual gay rights advocates and must go to the mens rights advocates for help.

Those putting out the message are doing the right thing. The more people who know the better. It's an important first step. The fact that the majority of the LGBTQ don't put out the message is the problem. They'd prefer to focus on problems that were solved long ago or never existed.
The point is to work together on similar issues and rights that cover the whole LGBTQ. Rather than focus on the issue of men being able to rape women just by looking at them and ignoring that it could be a transvestite wondering if "she" could pull off what the cis woman is wearing.

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