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What I think of each president - Diary of a nutcase — LiveJournal
February 1st, 2019
06:53 am
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What I think of each president

When I point out how much distaine I have for Bush Sr someone responds with how can I like Trump and hate Bush Sr.
At the time I concidered it an outragous comment. On par with "How can you like MLK and hate Hitler" I mean dude How can you hate one and not love the other?
So here it is, how I feel about each president of the US from Ronald forward.

Ronald Reagan: In the 1980's I believed alzheimer's really held him back however in retrospect I think that disorder is what really made him a badass.

It just seems when someone wants to control a president there is some secret conversation and the president changes. The more paranoid believe presidents get swapped, drugged etc. I believe it's just a conversation & Ronny never remembers that conversation so whatever it is dosen't work because he simply forgets.
So it's not any of the crazy ideas it's just "Hay calm down if you work with us you'll have some great things" he just never remembers. You can't bribe a man who never remembers.

I'm not gonna blame Iran Contra on his memory loss that would be too easy. What he did was illegal. Also it shouldn't have been illegal. Congress tied his hands. Out of nowhere we get a non-interference directive no president before or sense had to deal with. So Ronny broke the law to save US citizens because it was part of his job.

I think he could have done better if his brain was entirely working however he might have also caved.

Bush Sr: Elected to be Ronny with a fuctional brain.
Turns out he's not Ronny and he isn't very smart (for a US president I know his intelect would overshadow that of the avrage citizen however that's not enough for the leader of the United States)
He promissed to rebuild the wall. Ok I admit this is an odd point he keeps refering to an existing border wall and claiming it needs repair. Congress refuses to allow him to "build" a wall. Is there a wall to be repaired? If so why dose congress (and the media) keep talking about building a wall? If not why is it nobody points this out? It's like the democrats and the media are just deliberatly changing his words and he dose not bother to correct them.
Media tells him his no new taxes and "build  a wall" promisses conflict. His reply is to say he's not talking about building a wall just repairing the existing wall. Thing is repairing a wall still needs funding so still needs a new tax.
In office Bush dose not build or repair a wall and nobody really cared at the time. However not only did he fail the "No new taxes" he raised more taxes than any president before or sense.
He did the opposite of what he promised.
He didn't keep a single promiss.

While the wall wasn't the main item if he did build or repair a wall it would have actually gone a long way to show he's trying to do something. As it is Bush Sr wasn't the guy we elected. He was the total opposite of the guy we elected.

As such he's also the total opposite of everything Trump represents.

Bill C. Basically he did what Bush didn't do. Democrat or not Bill did a democrat version of everything Bush promised. No he didn't build a wall because Democrats oppose the wall. However he put up a proper border patrol. That's better than the nothing Bush gave us.
Bill C didn't offer "no new taxes" instead he trimmed programs we didn't need lowering our taxes. In many ways Bill C was the Ronnald we never had. Including the part about whatever back room talks that keep presidents in check. Bill C's memory works. Whatever was said to him got him to stand down. Honnestly Bill C almost drained the swamp long before most people even knew there was a swamp. However that faithful day happened and Bill C was kidnapped and replaced with a lizards man or got brain surgery done or maybe had "the talk" and it stuck because Bill actually remembers whatever conversation he had.
Bill C set up our national security in such a way that we may never need worry about a terrorist attack again.
I don't like a lot of his policies however those are typical democrat policies we'd get with any halfway decent democrat president.
He did as good a job as we can get from a democrat.

Bush Jr: Undid the national security stuff Bill did just so we could have 9-11 and go to war then everyone forgets what he promised and he gets away with doing whatever he wants.

Promised a border wall gave us a fence. That fence was cut open shortly after it was errected BTW.

Obama: Next best thing to giving the people everythig they want is do nothing. Obama almost did that "nothing" thing. I don't like him but it could have been worse. He could have gotten more of his agenda done.
Also Osama was killed.

Trump: To me Trump is a Dollar Store Chinese knockoff Ron Paul. I voted for Ron Paul until Obama ran for office. Then I voted for Obama.
Anyway like how Bush Sr was never gonna be Ronny Trump is never gonna be Mr Paul.
He is as close as we'll ever get.
He's actually trying to give is a wall. Lower taxes and not go to war. He's done a lot of things.

"The talk" yeah I think he's had "The talk" and he's just the right man to have "The talk" and say "fuck off" I do think it's had an impact however not enough of one.

Ronny couldn't drain the swamp because he couldn't remember there was a swamp to drain.
Bush Sr couldn't drain the swap because was part of the swamp before being Vice president
Bill C almost drained the swamp but the swap convinced him to not do it
Bush Jr actually worked with the Swamp
So did Obama
Hillary was gonna do a deal with the swamp to give it power forever when Trump took power.
The swamp is calling Trump a Nazi because the swamp knows it's at risk.

I hate Bush Sr because he failed to acomplish anything and had no business being presdent of the US.
He is totally the opposite of Trump. They made similar promisses Bush had no intention of keeping them Trump will fight tooth and nail to keep them all.

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