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Machinima is dead and I'm fine with that - Diary of a nutcase — LiveJournal
January 29th, 2019
05:18 am
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Machinima is dead and I'm fine with that
Unpopular opinion I think the death of Machinima is a good thing. Technically they still exist and that's not a bad thing however it seems they are ceasing it exist under the Machinima brand name and that is what I think is good.

weird flex but ok

Ok the name means machine animation and first evoked when people were using game engines to animate. A lot of sites provided game mods that when installed and played would just play an animation. You needed a copy of the game engine. With video sharing people could capture the video and upload it. There was even some work on a standard free animation engine.

The Machinima network started off featuring such animation. Eventually they started deviating and fans of this special kind of animation would find other sources had given up to the YT channel who's very brand was Machine animation so fans had nowehere to go and for the most part Machinima died as the name became a brand rather than a type of animation. Even a web search was hopeless.

So yeah I think it's a good thing Machinima ceases to exist as a brand so it can be reborn as a type of animation. I don't care how much they gave to the gaming community by using the name Machinima they effectively demolished an entire genera of animation.
I don't believe it was in anyway intentional however the way they dismissed peoples concerns when the first moved away from machine animation and how everything that happened was predicted the moment machinima stopped doing machine animation shows how careless this move was.

I think the lessons to be learned are,

1, Don't let a single brand clame the name of a genra. The damage they can do to that genera is to be concidered.

2. Never let one source be THE source of a genra. This happened with TOTSE shutting down as 4chan was the house of anonimity only to have 4chan betray the community. Fortunatly there was other chans so there was no damage however things would be better if there had been a totse.

3. The only way a brand/site/etc will preserve the spirit of a community is if those in charge are devoted to the spirit of that community.

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