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Problems with fem Who - Diary of a nutcase — LiveJournal
January 28th, 2019
03:35 am
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Problems with fem Who

Just a few problems I spotted with FemWho

Let's start with something that wasn't a problem. Female Doctor Who. The idea that a timelord could change gender is not a new idea. That dates back to the second doctor.
The first doctor had a daughter so timelords can be female. With regeneration we get a few more ideas into the fans heads.
One scifi troupe is that aliens aren't human. So things like gender should be irrelivent to aliens.
This is usually not presented in "Soft" scifi like Doctor Who because people who aren't hard core scifi fans might misunderstand and then scifi would have the reputation furries have.
So gender would be just cosmetic details and if that's the case it could be possable for a timelord to change gender.
The idea became a common place idea in the 1980's

So that leaves us with the first problem: Expecting objection to timelords changing gender.
Getting really sick of this. Ignore all the acual problems and just address the non-issue. Fuck off.

 There are no time ladies. The female time lords are still time lords. They aren't speaking in english and so the word they use has no gender it gets translated to 'lord' because english is a gendered language. When translating from a genderless language to a gendered language the male default is used.
Ramana is a time lord Rani is a Time lord. People who don't speak gallifreyan might say time lady however the gallifreyans say time lord.

Now for the special just before doctors regeneration.
This sets us at a time when two doctors were both in the middle of a regeneration.
The first doctor needed help of the tardis to regenerate so he couldn't be in mid regeneration.

In the special the first doctor dose not know what a sonic screwdriver is. In the second eppisode of doctor who the first doctor is using the repair kit to fix the tardis this would later be revealed to contain a sonic screwdriver thus he is aware of what a sonic screwdriver is as he used one.
It's a basic tool in timelord socity. All time lords know what a sonic screwdriver is.
This is a setup for a really dumb joke. Might as well have the first doctor commenting on how the tardis is bigger on the inside.

They had the doctor commenting on how the tardis is bigger on the inside. Seriously?

The first doctor wasn't sexist. Depicting him a such in the special just to make some SJW point is really bullshit.

Now the actual fem doctor
Can make her own sonic screw driver using 2019 earth technology. The doctor can't build a sonic screwdriver using gallifreyan technology.
The Tardis only works properly because it returned home and was repaired. The doctor is not an enginear. Really bad at fixing stuff, Even worse at building.

"Maybe I'm Banksy" joke was bad enough the first time and she keeps repeating it.

The sonic screwdriver is more dangerous than a "swiss army knife" not only was the whole 'Knifes are evil' point bullshit it's hypocritical when the doctor carrys around something more powerful than a knife. Forth doctor used it to damage electronic locks. Thrid to repell monsters.

New Years special. Not christmas?

Doctor dose not know what a doorbell is. On earth for a long time. Lived a normal 'human' life twice. Dose not know what a doorbell is.
There is ditzy and there is mentally retarded.
To set up a stupid joke and she repetes it. Telling a joke twice dose not make it funny.
And the joke itself is missing. If you remove the joke remote the setup.

Too much time spent on a character we never meet before. No setup for this charcter. No prior mention. Who is this?

There have been times when Doctor who had bad writing and bad production however this seems to be going out of the way.

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