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What did the kids do wrong? - Diary of a nutcase — LiveJournal
January 20th, 2019
08:23 pm
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What did the kids do wrong?
Ok I can see what was wrong with the kids,
Someone used the kids to advance a political agenda. I mean the MAGA side not the native american side of course they did too but not the point.

So basically put hats on kids and use them to oppose abortion.
They are too young to really understand the issue so it's just using kids to push an agenda.
The end. That's all.
This had nothing to do with the native american's. They were doing something totally unrelated.
So some old men approched the kids yelled some slurs at the kids and the kids just smiled. This was probably way more interesting than protesting an issue they probably didn't even understand.
Now they had music and learning some new words and phrases they could use on mexican kids.
So they just smiled.


Ok so some adults used kids to do some political message and some native american's hijacked the kids to make a totally diffrent message and the kids just smiled.
The message is if you just take things with grace and let it all side ... you're a Nazi.

The kids are the ONLY good guys in this.

Fuck the adults that put the kids in this,
Fuck the native americans who tried to involve the kids in there own issue.

Oh yeah and fuck the guy who tried to make this about the wall.
The kids didn't say "Build the wall" that wouldn't have made sense. Yelling "Build the wall" to mexican kids is racist. Yelling "build the wall" to native americans takes on a whole other meaning.
See to Mexican's you are telling them "Get out"
However to the Native Americans you are saying "We are leaving, have your land back"

Wanna offend everyone? Eat a pork burger in a styrofoam box.

How offensive is that?

What would a Vegan think?

What would a Muslim think?

What would an environmentalist (or native american) think?

BTW don't do that those things are full of chemicals and I kinda find that a bit offensive.

What? Yeah there are things I find offensive.

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