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I noticed a continuity break in Doctor Who - Diary of a nutcase
January 8th, 2019
02:49 am
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I noticed a continuity break in Doctor Who
Hold on not gonna go into that whole "Social Justice, progressive blah blah" rant that is so popular with the kids thies days.
I'm just ammusing myself with a rather trivial continuity break in Doctor Who. It's so hard to actually break the continuity of the show seeing how it has so little continuity to start with and really I'm just being a huge dork in even noticing it.

What prompted me is the continuity break happened as a direct result of trying to avoid a continuity break.Clowntastic.

The original doctor dose not know what a sonic screw driver is. However in continuity he used one.
First the 12 doctors special the 12th doctor programs the first doctors sonic screw driver so it could work on an equasion for thousands of years (yes I know broken screwdrivers the idea is it's backed up on the tardis so each new screwdriver continues the task etc)

But that's really too minnor for even me. No it's that in the second episode of doctor who the original doctor is repairing the Tardis. Replacing the mercury link as they run into the dalek for the first time.
This means the Doctor was using the Tardis tool kit. It wouldn't be until the 3rd doctor that we learn what is in that kit. A sonic screw driver. So while the first doctor never mentions the sonic screw driver and we never see it on screen the first doctor has used it and is familure with it.

However the sonic sunglasses are another story. Also the first doctor didn't treat women as inferior he treated all humans as inferior his own grand daughter was treated as superior to all humans. It kinda just seems silly to give the doctor 1950's values when the original was careful to avoid doing that.
But then ... if I were to continue I would be going into the "SJWs ruin everything" and everyone else has that covered.
I just wanted to cover a more mundane screwup that didn't take social justice to make. Just failure to research where the sonic screwdriver came from. Stock equipment on all time lord ships.

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Date:January 8th, 2019 04:17 pm (UTC)
"SJWs ruin everything"

Ah, but they DO!

They do.
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Date:January 9th, 2019 02:06 pm (UTC)
Yes they do. So much so everyone has already covered this in triplicate and will continue to do so.
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