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Why did X win the election? - Diary of a nutcase — LiveJournal
January 4th, 2019
08:07 pm
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Why did X win the election?

Why did Hilter win? Because his opponent was worse

Why did Trump win? Because his opponent was worse

Why did Bolsonaro win? Because his oppnent was worse

I'm gonna stick with Trump for a moment because his oppnent has more in common with Hitler than anyone else.

Trump is gonna destroy science because I decided that's what's gonna happen. Proof is sexist

https://decolonizeallthescience.com/ an actual movement to abolish the scientific process. This is Hillary actually destroying science.

Trump is gonna start word war 3 because I said so. Proof?

Hillary actually wanted to start world war 3 and is still trying to do so with this Russian Bot bullshit.

Trump is endorsed by the KKK because someone who was the leader of the KKK a long time ago likes Trump.

Hillary isn't racist because she endorsed someone who was the leader of the KKK a long time ago.

Trump is sexist because he said women want him to "grab them by the pussy" when bragging about how popular he is.

Hillary isn't sexist because she sweeps rape and sexual assult alligations under the rug

Trump is homophobic because he opposes things he never opposed.

Hillary is not homophobic because she opposes gay marrage.

Hillary made it illegal to misgender trans people. This lead some over the top trans people to have transphobic gender identities.

Yes purlal they/them gender identities are actually they/them/Sybil the name of a book published at the same time the "they/them" pronoune was first used for trans people. It's about a woman with multipul personalities and calling a person a pural pronoune is saying the person is a purality a multipule personality on other words Sybil. They/Them is a way of calling someone mentally unstable.

Hillary is the lowkey bigot people claim Trump is.

Oh yeah and Trump is a global warming denier like the rest of the repiblican party and most of the Democats because nobody understands global warming science. (Including Al Gore)

Wanna end global warming? Clean up the environment. Also electric cars and nuclear power plants.

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