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Trump is gonna ban science says the people trying to ban science - Diary of a nutcase
January 3rd, 2019
12:58 am
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Trump is gonna ban science says the people trying to ban science

Ok let's get the facts stright. Trump is a global warming denier. That makes him a science denier.
Ok so environmentalists use that to prove Trump wants to ban science.
Then they go on to rant because they can detect radiation everywhere it must be an environmental disaster.
This leaves environmental scientists to explain how zero radition is impossable and how background radiation works.
In short enviornmentalists who claim Trump wants to destroy science because he denies global warming because he dose not understand it.
Are denying basic science because they don't understand science at all.

The fun part is Trump just dose not know better. Fine I mean to be recognized as a genius you gotta pass a science test. Most of us wouldn't past because most people don't understand science. This dose not mean most of us want to destory science.
Also as for global warming denial. The entire republical party going back to the 1960's.
Of course the background radiation denial is on the Democrats going back just as far. Everyone wants to destory science including the people who claim Trump wants to destory science.
Nope.... that's just insane.

So who really wants to destory science?

There is a phrase "decolonize science" it means change how the scientific process works so that science supports SJW ideology.
In short SJWs want to destory science and replace it with SJW propaganda.
Trump just wants to ignore global warming.
His detractors want to destory science.

There is no pro-science party. (Unless it's the green party)

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