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Reasons Gab is a good choice. - Diary of a nutcase
November 25th, 2018
09:58 pm
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Reasons Gab is a good choice.

People like to claim Gab won't be successful
Here is my reasons why Gab will be successful.

1. This is Live Journal. Back in 1999 it was the number 1 social media site. The place to be.
It maintained popularity until around 2007 giving it 8 years of popularity and is still used over a decade after that because it still makes money.
It lost popularity by cattering to the unreasonable demands of a group of activists.

2. MySpace started in 2003 and lost popularity around 2007 due to usability issues and spam accounts.
By ignoring site issues people were forced to leave as they couldn't use the site.
Remains online today because it's still proffitable,

3. RealMedia started in 1993 provided a service that remains popular today however RealMedia itself lost popularity due to YouTube doing it better.
RealMedia remains in business today as it's still proffitable.

4. Twitter catters to unreasonable demands from activists and ignores usability issues.
Twitter is not proffitable.

5. Gab rejects demands from activists to the point that activists issue demands to companies Gab has contracts with to disrupt the functionality of the site. This disruption is always temporary.
Gab pays attention to the users complaints
Gab dose a better job at Microblogging than Twitter
Gab is proffitable.

6. Eventually Twitter will sink itself and when that happens Gab will still be here.

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