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Long term plans posted in plain site where nobody is gonna read - Diary of a nutcase
November 14th, 2018
07:10 pm
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Long term plans posted in plain site where nobody is gonna read

Hay FBI so you wanna know my long term plans? I guess you are reading this because things went both very good and then very wrong.

Step 1. Make some simple applications such as a program that uploads videos to every video site the app user has access too.
And a social media client that lets the user post on every social media site they have an account on at once.
This way if one site (YouTube, or Facebook) starts banning people for weird and irrational reasons the users posts remain...
Of course if the user is talking about mass murder or genocide then there will be no place the user can hide and my app won't save the user.
Also the user will have the widest audence for posting everywhere.

Step 2. Set up BBSes with social media gateways (using previous software as a test only now the BBS acts as a core social media site and the message is shared, BBS owner may also share posts from users to social media sites)

Step 3. Set up a Conservitive BBS that censors liberals.

Step 4. Set up Conservtive BBS network with other BBSes following the same rules.

Step 5. Audit to make sure we don't get a crazed shooter attracting the FBIs attention.

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