Answering Anita Sarkeesian's tweet

>Why hasn't America frozen rents and mortgages?
The evil Republicans tried however fans of FemFreq won't have it.

>Why hasn't America nationalized its health services?
Blame Obama and Hillary. They both had a chance and they boh screwed up.
For the record Bill C let Hillary write a nationalized health care bill and she did it was so bad the democrats voted against it
Obama gave us Obama care instead of a nationalized health service.
You'd know this if you weren't so busy getting female game devs fired so you can pretend women aren't allowed in gaming when half the gamers are women

>Why hasn't America released everyone in prisons?
You mrena the rapists and murders? Sure and while we are at it make it illegal for women to play video games or go outside or even touch a computer.

>Why hasn't America issued a "shelter in place" for the whole nation?
Even as a Trump supporter I wouldn't want him to have that much power.
It's far better when local officals are handing it and they are handling it.

>Now's a good time to read up on alternatives to capitalism.
You seem to be advocating for National Socalism


There is a video posted on twitter of a group stealing from the stores and giving to the poor

1. This is the same group that did "Bumb fights"
The excuse is this is a decentralized group. No they are operating under a brand known for abusing the poor. The idea that anyone who cares about the poor would operarte under this brand is bullshit. They are using the poor to justify what they do they are not out to help.

2. They took fancy peanut butter. This shit is expensive so they sell them in small packets so people can afford it. For the price of 4 packets (thats 4 sandwitches) they could get one jar.
I point this out because I doubt the homeless care. This is to maximize the amount of money the store lost not to help.

3. Harming corperations
Depends on the store. This could be a prively owned store.
Also this is during a time when stores are having problems staying stocked.
if this is a coperation they'd be motivated to close the store by such theft harming the community not the corperation.

4. Medication
They seem to have taken some medication. That was not give to the homeless.
Another indication that harm was the intent not help.

5. Fuck the police
In many areas of California the police are ignoring theft. That means the camera showing the police doing nothing is pointless.
They aren't gangsters dodging the police. They are rich kids fucking the middle class.

6. Backpacks
Those look like some expensive backpacks. To be fair it's hard to tell however those look expensive enough that for the price of the backpacks alone they could have paid for all that food and more.
This wasn't about helping the poor but hurting the local community store during a time of need.

7. Each homeless got one meal
One meal isn't helping.

8. AntiTrump sticker
Yeah I'm sure they wanted someone who solves pverity the way Vlad the Impaler did. (He had the poor killed)

9. Medication (again)
I'm actually afraid they did give the medication to the poor.
By mixing leathal amounts into the food basicly poisoning the food.
Remember this is the same group that did Bumb fights.

10. Not the same people who did bumb fights
They are too young to have been involved in that.
However again they wouldn't be part of that group if they weren't attracted to that behavor.

11. Fuck the community
Ultimatly I think this is about taking food (and medication) off the shelfs during a time of need.
Not buying but stealing it so the store would have a hard time restocking the shelves.
They pretend to be helping the poor but one meal isn't doing it.
They are hurting the middle class so the same middle class can not help the poor as usual.
I've heard stories of groups like this going into homeless encampments demolishing everything and smearing everything in shit so nothing is salvageable.
I think this is the same deal only instead of homeless ramp it up and fuck the middle class.

12. Political
Maybe not. To spite the anti Trump subtext this is more about acting like robin hood with no care how much real damage they have done.
They are pretending to help but having done so much damage they have actually erased more help than they provided.
It's like the virtue signaling kids do today. Burn down a village to save a dying puppy only for the dog to die anyway because the village (and any source of help) is gone.


At work watched as some fat dude took down construction signs

I'm at work. I watched as some fat dude walk around taking the construction signs warning people to not park on the street.

As far as I can tell he might be working for the construction company and it's just time to take down the signs.

But then I see the construction company show up and they end up dealing with all the parked cars thanks to one fat dude.

My cameras don't record video however next door is a security company and the cameras they have do record. So someone has video of the fat dude.

This construction is repaving the street. This is for everyones benifit. They are gonna be delayed because some fat fuck decides to take all the signs.

Update: The construction company was able to replace the signs.