At work watched as some fat dude took down construction signs

I'm at work. I watched as some fat dude walk around taking the construction signs warning people to not park on the street.

As far as I can tell he might be working for the construction company and it's just time to take down the signs.

But then I see the construction company show up and they end up dealing with all the parked cars thanks to one fat dude.

My cameras don't record video however next door is a security company and the cameras they have do record. So someone has video of the fat dude.

This construction is repaving the street. This is for everyones benifit. They are gonna be delayed because some fat fuck decides to take all the signs.

Update: The construction company was able to replace the signs.


Happy Halloween

I got a plastic bowl at the dollar store to use as a candy bowl this halloween
The idea is I’ll set the bowl full of candy outside. If someone takes the whole bowl it’s no big deal.
We haven’t had trick or treating kids for a few years so I doubt any kid would be losing out if the whole bowl was taken.

Story idea based on GI Joe

I really doubt Hasbro would allow this (too much messing with the brand) so it would need to be more of a GI Joe clone

So when I say Military force... think Gi Joe knockoff
and terrorist group think Cobra knockoff

Story starts with a civilian rebel group. The military force has become just as bad as the terrorist group. An extreamist of the ideology they support.

So a rebel group is out to stop them both.

The military force represents ultra right wing the terrorists represent ultra left wing and the rebels moderates

The rebels see the terrorists deploy by bombing the surrounding killing millions of innocent civilians
The rebels jam the terrorists when they hear chatter from the military as the military takes over homes and drives civilians out
"At least they aren't killing innocents"
"Is that sympathy? They are taking the civilians and throwing them into slave camps... they are no better"

The two groups are setting up weapons not pointed at each other but at another direction.
The terrorists and military are so focused on what they are doing they don't even see the rebels sneaking around.

The rebels notice another force out there and investigate.
The revels using civilian tech notice the cell phones and tablets they are using going haywaire. A terrorist saves one of the rebels by grabbing a tablet from the rebel and throwing it away.

A military unit "You shouldn't be out here" the rebel looking shocked and amazed the military and terrorists aren't fighting

The terrorist says nobody has time to take them home so just be careful and don't bother anything.

The rebels ignore the warning and investigate the unknown party.
The rebels are approched by machines and murdered.... The terrorists and miltary take out the unknown party.

"It's not aways good vs evil,
Sometimes it's just a diffrent point of view
and some times it's evil vs evil."

Miltary : Who's gonna clean this up?

Terrorist: "Flip a coin... I call tails"

In case you havn't noticed, I'm killing the rebelion in the first episode. After this it's just 3 villian groups fighting each other. Usually the military & terrorists vs the cybernetic horror.

The cybernetic horror is technology gone roage.

In the end the cybernetic horror has set up a catch 22 for the two groups.
The military has found a way to stop the cybernetic horror and terrorists in one blow the cybernetic horror has hacked into the military and is slowly taking them over to disarm this new trap.

The arming device is in a military elietes hands and he decides to throw it to a terrorist
Cybernetic horror "If you use it we'll all die"

The terrorist smiles and yells the terrorist catch phrase.... and pushes the button.